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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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weight loss

hands clenching stomach

Ask the doc: “When should I be concerned about stomach pain?”

A doctor discusses common stomach problems and what to do about them.
Runner tying his shoe

Summer fitness plan: Your guide to making it happen

Rate this article and enter to winLooking forward to the long lazy days of summer, free of alarm clocks and late-night study sessions? Of course you are. But the summer break can also cause...
Female hand reaching for healthy snack while working on laptop

6 strategies to make healthy eating easier

Rate this article and enter to winDespite all the headlines about the latest trendy diet clogging up your news feed, experts say diets don’t actually work. “Diets are not only unsustainable—any diet you go...
Collage of diverse meals

Trending diets: What they are, why they don’t always work, and what to try...

Rate this article and enter to winWhen it comes to making healthy food choices, it can be hard to know which way is up. Trendy diets that sound way too weird or way too...

Ask the nutritionist: I keep my calories at an appropriate intake; however, I drink...

“I keep my calories at an appropriate intake; however, I drink a lot of soda. Why is this bad?”—Amberly, Amherst, MassachusettsThis is a great question. Even if your caloric intake is appropriate, if soda...
Table of festive holiday meal

Savor the season: 10 ways to feel good about your holiday eats

 There’s a reason holidays are so food-focused: Sharing food is how we humans have connected for generations. (That slice of homemade pumpkin pie really does give us life.) But navigating the holiday food table...
Happy, large Asian man working out in a gym

How to have an actively awesome semester: Turn your fitness dreams into reality

Rate this article and enter to winLooking for a life boost? Ninety percent of students say physical activity is where it’s at, according to a recent Student Health 101 survey. This makes sense: Consistent...