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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Sleeping dog on books

8 strategies to get you out of a studying rut

How to develop a study plan that involves techniques best suited to individual learning styles.

Ask the academic advisor: “How do you write a good thesis statement?”

One expert reveals the steps to formulating your best thesis statement.

Ask the academic advisor: How do I go about getting a recommendation letter?

“How do I go about getting a recommendation letter?”—Jennifer, Pasadena, CaliforniaGlad you asked this question, but I am going to use my “editor” cap to add the word “good” before “recommendation letter,” as I...

Ask the academic advisor: What’s a good way to get a lot of reading...

Rate this article and enter to win“What’s a good way to get a lot of reading done while retaining the information you just read?”—Jaidan*, Portland, Oregon(*Name changed)Reading is one of those high school activities...
Talking to teacher

Ask the academic advisor: The best way to ask a teacher for a letter...

“What is the best way to ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation?”—Evan, Logan, UtahThere are definite “dos and don’ts” when requesting a recommendation letter. This might be for your college application or...
Teacher and student

Ask the academic advisor: Handling unfair teachers

“If a teacher is being unfair to you when it comes to passing or failing their class, who do you talk to about it?”—Alejandra, Hammond, IndianaFrom my experience as a student (yes, I am...
Student and teacher

Ask the academic advisor: Approaching a teacher about a bad grade

"How should I approach my teacher about a bad grade?"—Caroline, Washington, D.C.Caroline,When you receive a grade that’s lower than you expected, it’s always a good idea to talk to your teacher in person. However,...