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Insider info: How you can get through college on less money

Rate this article for a chance to winCollege can be expensive—probably not a shocker, right? But paying for your post-high school years is totally possible with a little planning.“High school students should start thinking...
Money matters

Money matters: A summer savings plan

It’s almost summer! That means sandals, sun, and…savings? If you’re one of the many teens who will be working a summer job, why not put away some cash? You can save for things like:...
Money matters

Money matters: How to look after your pennies, and save some too

How to look after your pennies, and save some tooMoney—that thing that always seems to be disappearing, or never appearing in the first place. Maybe you want a new phone, concert tickets, or to...
Money matters

Money matters: Saving for retirement

Saving for retirementLet’s be real; it’ll be a while before you retire. You probably haven’t even decided what you want your career to be yet. But in today’s economy, it’s important to learn about...
A jar of money

5 easy ways to make the most of your money

Rate this article and enter to win“I am nervous . I am not prepared,” says Miranda, a sophomore, from Indianapolis, Indiana.Iman, a senior from Brooklyn, New York, agrees. “I don’t feel prepared at all.”Miranda...