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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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healthy eating

Female hand reaching for healthy snack while working on laptop

6 strategies to make healthy eating easier

Rate this article and enter to winDespite all the headlines about the latest trendy diet clogging up your news feed, experts say diets don’t actually work. “Diets are not only unsustainable—any diet you go...
Display of donuts next to display of apples

Food hacks for an unhealthy world

 OK fine—so we probably shouldn’t grab a soda or doughnut on our way to school. But when we’re in a hurry, sleepy, stressed, or all out of willpower, junk food is just so…there for...

Food hacks: Take the effort out of healthy eating

Here’s the key to developing any new habit: Make it easier to do the desired behavior and more difficult to do the undesired behavior. When your student’s desired behavior is eating healthfully, sharing these...