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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Kettle bell

Ask the trainer: How to start exercising

"How does a completely out-of-shape person begin to exercise regularly?"—Kylie*, Russellville, ArkansasKylie,This is a common question. Many people who consider themselves out of shape have a difficult time getting started with exercise and sticking...
A girl sitting on a yoga ball on the computer

Creative ways to break a sweat: Making fitness part of any activity

Finding time for fitness may be easier—and more fun—than you think.“It’s actually healthier to just get up and move as much as possible, instead of going to the gym for an hour and then...
A man doing a pushup

Ask the trainer: Why do I feel lightheaded when I’m exercising?

"Why do I feel lightheaded sometimes when I’m exercising?"—Jose, Palm Desert, CaliforniaHi Jose,Many things can cause lightheadedness during exercise. One of the most common causes is low blood sugar, which can result from not...
A woman jumping

Get up off that chair!

Here are five reasons your body loves physical activity—whether dancing, swimming, playing a sport, walking, biking, or visiting the gym: Regular exercise can act as a mental enhancer, promoting creativity. The National Institutes of...
Iron Kids App

Iron Kids by American Academy of Pediatrics

Why we love it:Many students have questions about how to exercise correctly and safely. This app has loads of information, including instructional videos.What is it?Offering a wide range of 45-minute exercise routines, this app...