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Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Healthy breakfast plate of eggs, avocado, and oatmeal

Fuel your morning with these easy and healthy breakfast ideas

Rate this article and enter to winWhen Mom or Dad shoves a plate of scrambled eggs in your face and reminds you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, try not...
Girl napping in bed

Snooze happy: How and why you should prioritize your sleeping habits

Rate this article and enter to winStudents love and crave sleep. When we asked you what you’d love to be doing right now, sleeping ranked third—behind only spending more time with friends and participating...
Coffee and alarm clock

Need a caffeine break? Here’s how to stay alert all day without it

Rate this article and enter to winIf you’ve spent more time with a buzz-inducing cup of coffee than you have with your best friend this week, you’re not alone. A 2014 study in Pediatrics...
Teen enjoying time at home on smart phone

Wake & meditate: Your guide to a mindful morning

Rate this article and enter to winIn my last post, we talked about how to meditate and why it’s pretty much the best thing ever (in a nutshell: less stress and anxiety, more calm,...
Girl taking a nap

Take a nap or push on through?

 What’s in a nap? If you’re doing it right, napping brings a bunch of benefits: improved learning ability, memory, alertness, physical and mental stamina, and relief from stress. To avoid grogginess and other possible...
Happy sleeping dog

10 ways to step up your sleep

 Remember the days when afternoon naps and an early bedtime felt like punishment? Oh, how times have changed. These days, between crack-of-dawn alarms and late-night study sessions, chances are you’d gladly skip final period...
Man cooking

Ask the nutritionist: Alternatives to coffee for staying energized

“What are some alternatives to coffee for staying energized?”—Rosemary, Portland, OregonRosemary,Sometimes our busy schedules can lead to an over-reliance on caffeine to maintain energy. Drinking caffeinated beverages in moderation doesn’t seem to have a...
Bowl of veggies

Ask the nutritionist: The best snacks for class to maintain energy levels

"What are the best snacks to take to class to maintain energy levels and provide satiation?"—Tyler, Monmouth, OregonWhy we struggle to snack healthilyWhy is it difficult when we’re on the go to choose nutritious...