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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Budget like a boss in 3 easy steps

Learn the ins and outs of budgeting including useful apps and tools and how money can help you reach long- and short-term goals.
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Turn stress into strategies: How to kill it at your interview

Rate this article and enter to winSo you have an interview for a dream internship—score! Now what?Interviewing doesn’t have to be intimidating, even though there may be reasons it seems that way. “I worry...
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Suffering from a setback? How to take advantage of failure

Rate this article and enter to winFailure and setbacks are painful, whether you flunked a paper or class, didn’t exactly excel at tryouts, or missed some other goal. You’ve probably been there.Yet, as counterintuitive...
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Take the fear out of networking and make it work for you

Rate this article and enter to winAs you start thinking more seriously about life after high school, there’s one word that can be key to your future success: networking. At this point, the idea...

Try it on, try it out: Finding the right internship for you

 You show up to biology class, write essays for English, and do your math homework, but sometimes it’s difficult to see how all of that applies to the world outside of school. Fortunately, there’s...
Girl in interview with two men

Career corner: Is LinkedIn worthwhile for high school students?

Yes. Millions of people use LinkedIn to find jobs and network, and in 2013, the site lowered its minimum user age to 14. Since then, more and more teens are taking advantage of LinkedIn...
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Should you do it yourself or call for backup? Take the quiz

Rate this article and enter to winYou’re smack-dab in the middle of your transition between the carefree days of childhood and that whole “adulting” thing. Along with prepping for the inevitable (e.g., college, career,...
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Career corner: Job shadowing

Job shadowingPicking a career can be pretty stressful. How are you supposed to know what you want to do 5 or 10 years from now? And how can you find out what the day-to-day...
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What colleges really want to see on your application

Rate this article and enter to winACTs, SATs, APs, IBs: If all these acronyms have you thinking H-E-L-P, you’re not alone. In a recent Student Health 101 survey, many students reported feeling stressed about...

Work it: How to land a summer job

Rate this article and enter to winIt’s the most wonderful time of the year: Summer is right around the corner, and you’ve got weeks of freedom to look forward to. In between balmy days...