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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Ask the academic advisor: “How do you write a good thesis statement?”

One expert reveals the steps to formulating your best thesis statement.
Student writing on board in front of class

Ask the professor: “What are good ways to prepare for a presentation?”

—Holly, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaI have sat through my share of boring, substance-lacking lectures and often wondered, “Did this person think about their audience at all?” Avoid being that presenter by going through the...
Mixed race male studying

Ask the academic advisor: “I’m trying to figure out what the best study method...

—Tanner*, Camarillo, California (*Name changed)I’m so glad you asked this question because it gives me an opportunity to address the process of choosing effective study strategies. In the spirit of education, let me begin with...
myHomework by Instin, LLC screen shots

Apps + podcasts we love: myHomework

Fiona, senior,Simsbury, Connecticut “Have you ever experienced those moments of panic as you flip through pages of scribbled notes to make sure you didn’t overlook any assignments? With myHomework, a tech-based, cross-platform student planner, all...

Motivation validation: Who and what are you here for?

Rate this article and enter to winWhy do the assignment, anyway? Why we’re doing whatever thing is a question to ask yourself at certain points in life. If your choices don’t seem to be...
A young woman smiling, standing next to a tall stack of books

How to manage anxiety for any assignment

Tests, homework, and essays can come with intense emotions. Here are some easy strategies for managing school stress.“The weeks around finals can be incredibly stressful. Anxiety and panic are often spurred by thoughts about...
Tired student

Ask the academic advisor: Motivation for starting an assignment

“What are your tips for getting motivated to start an assignment?”—Jamie, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaJamie,If you only knew how long I procrastinated before answering this question, you would realize that we all have trouble getting motivated....