Student spotlight: Lucia

Student spotlight

Lucia, Sophomore, Boston, Massachusetts

The best thing I’ve learned in Student Health 101 so far is…

SH101 has always stressed the importance of a healthy diet and sleep. I recall one article about how eating breakfast can improve your performance throughout the day. At that time, I’d always skipped meals, especially breakfast and occasionally lunch. I didn’t think it was the main reason for my fatigue in school and after school. I was also eating a lot more for dinner to make up for the missed previous meals. But that one article convinced me to make changes to my daily life. I also realized I had to take responsibility for my own health. SH101 is the only reliable source that I go to for advice on health-related problems. It has been a huge help for me.

Fun facts about me

  1. I am ambidextrous.
  2. I can eat (almost) anything as long as there is ketchup.
  3. If I could eat one food my whole life, it would be eggs.
  4. I’m egg-cellent. Am I punny yet?

How I give back to my community

I attend monthly student council meetings. We plan events and raise awareness of drug abuse and underage drinking in our neighborhood. I am also in charge of the recycling committee, where volunteers collect the recycle bins around the school twice a week. Lastly, I am involved in Girl Scouts and I am proud to be part of the top-selling troop of Eastern Massachusetts.