Student spotlight: Josephine

Josephine, sophomore, Boston, Massachusetts

The best thing I’ve learned in Student Health 101 so far is…

The fact that there are so many students out there who have my same fears and difficulties, and if we just have the courage to speak up about it, we really have the power to help each other through our most difficult times. There are so many resources out there if we just forget our fear and take advantage of the support offered to us by our peers.

Fun facts about me

I have two brothers, one three years older than me, the other 14 years younger (he’s the absolute cutest). I was born and raised in Boston, but my family is from Montana, so I’m kind of a weird combination of city and country girl. I love to read more than anything else in the world, so much so that I’ll spend as much as 10 straight hours reading, usually to finish an especially good book. 

How I give back to my community

I’ll admit I’m not the best at giving back to my community, at least not in an organized fashion. With school, church, and family obligations, it’s so hard to find the time. So I do my best to give back in small ways: picking up trash off the street, being kind and friendly to people I come across, offering any help I can to those who need it. After everything that my school, neighborhood, and city have done for me, I’d like to dedicate more of myself to giving back.