Student spotlight: Hannah

Hannah, freshman, New River, Arizona

The best thing I’ve learned in Student Health 101 so far is

The best thing I have learned so far is about the effects of using drugs. I also learned how to manage my time better and how to understand not only my own mental health, but also that of my friends. This has allowed me to help my friends with their problems and understand them better.

Fun facts about me

I love to garden, yet I live in one of the few places in America where it seems the only thing you can grow is cacti.

How I give back to my community

I am part of the Environmentalist Club at school where we have a garden on campus that we work on. Right now we’re growing radishes. We also try to go on field trips to places like canals (to clean them up). We get to learn a lot too. For example, we had a guest speaker from the water industry who talked to us about where our water comes from, why it’s important, and how we can reduce our water usage.