Fiona F

Fiona is a senior in Simsbury, Connecticut. She’s a member of her school’s drama club, the life editor for Westminster News Student, president of the International Student Organization, and president of the Student Music Organization. For this issue, Fiona reviewed the app myHomework.

Tell us an interesting story about yourself.

“Although I now engage myself in a variety of different aspects of life, my identity used to be defined entirely by one activity—figure skating. My dream to someday compete in the Olympics was hampered by a number of injuries I developed, but I never would’ve realized my new dream of becoming a doctor had it not been for my numerous physiotherapy sessions and my friends who I saw struggle with their own pain every day. I’m now extremely fascinated with both health care and research.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I aspire to have successfully graduated medical school and be practicing medicine as a resident at a top hospital. Despite not being able to skate professionally, I still consider the sport to be one of my favorite hobbies. Instead of practicing jumps and spins, I now spend some of my time coaching younger skaters, and I find it just as enjoyable now to visit my local rink simply to skate around and have fun.”

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