Nutritional advice is tricky to navigate. Food science is incomplete, evolving, sometimes contradictory, and easily misrepresented by people and companies who have something to sell. We are bombarded with passionate messages about foods that will allegedly save our lives—or ruin them. What to eat?

Most students (about 75 percent) are pretty sure they know which foods are good or bad for their health, according to a recent survey by Student Health 101.

Here’s what we found when we looked at those “pretty confident” students:

  • Only one in five said they know where to get reliable nutrition information.
  • These students were split on certain key nutritional questions.
  • They generally agreed on some of the other questions, but were their conclusions in line with the scientific evidence?

Nutrition quiz: You know it all—true or false?

Think you know nutrition? Take the quiz to find out how you measure up to other students.


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