Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Woman doing pushups at home

FitnessU: Indoor cardio for any fitness level, any space, and any time (Part 1)

Rate this article and enter to winFor all of us in the western hemisphere, it’s winter. For some of us, that means cold. With most of our holidays behind us and a new semester...
Eliza Shirazi sits explaining deck of cards workout

FitnessU: The deck of cards workout

Rate this article and enter to winPlaying cards=poker night, amirite? Not so fast. The same suits that boost your bragging rights can boost your fitness, too. Enter the Deck-of-Cards workout—a customizable game to get...
Nick holds backpackico-video-large

Exercise with your backpack

%CODE1%Squat:Hold the bookbag in your hands. Squat down, with your knees apart, holding the bookbag in front of you. Do 20 reps.Bent-over row:With the book bag in your hands, bend over with a flat...