Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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4 easy ways to set positive standards in your online world

Rate this article and enter to winWhether we’re catching up with friends, reading the news, checking Snapchat stories, or watching videos of baby pandas sneezing, we all spend a lot of time online. Our...
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Why a little less screen makes life much better

 Our phones are amazing—I barely remember life before the poop emoji—but let’s admit we have a problem: We’re addicted to distraction.It’s as if going a single second without something to occupy our minds would...
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Career corner: How online profiles make a difference

Most of us use social media for a variety of reasons—connecting with others, getting the latest news and gossip, sharing cat videos. But when you’re looking for a job or applying to college, you...
#NoFilter: How to live real in an online world

#NoFilter: How to live real in an online world

Rate this article and enter to winEver find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and wondering how everyone’s lives seem so much happier/cooler/healthier than yours? It’s human nature to occasionally compare ourselves to the...