FitnessU: Pairing up to sweat it out

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Friends are useful for all kinds of reasons—borrowing notes, stealing French fries, justifying Netflix binges. They can also be the kick you need to get (and stay) fit.

Working out with a friend means accountability, and research suggests that accountability is key if you’re looking to build a workout habit for real.

What’s better than working out with a friend? Making them part of your workout, of course. So grab someone you know, or even someone you don’t, and join Chris Winfield, our trainer, for a workout that works for two.

The warm-up

Kick-start your workout with these dynamic upper and lower body moves.

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The workout

Get close with a friend to build strength and camaraderie in our three-move partner circuit.

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The cool-down

Recover gradually with this full-body sequence.

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