Friday, January 19, 2018
Pushup circuitico-video-large

Pushup circuit

%CODE1%Below are 9 different pushup variations distributed into 3 pushup workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level individuals.The position at the beginning and end of each repetition as well as the movement are consistent regardless...
Simple cardio workoutico-video-large

Simple cardio workout

%CODE1%Directions This workout consists of burpees, high knees, mountain climbers, and plank jacks. Do 10 reps of each with little to no rest in between moves. Burpee: Bring your hands to the ground, jump...
Running Intervalsico-video-large

Running Intervals

%CODE1%DirectionsWalk for one minute, jog for the next minute, and sprint for the final minute. Repeat the interval over 20 to 30 minutes total.–Maddie B., Durham, North Carolina
Get Running app

Get Running (Couch to 5k) by Benjohn Barnes

Why we love it:Based on the well-known Couch to 5k running plan, this app claims to get any couch potato up and running for 30 minutes straight.What is it?Get Running coaches you through three...
Young male stretching

Fitness for focus: How to power up your brain

Rate this article and enter to winIf an exam or assignment deadline is too close for comfort and your study session has become a struggle, you may feel you don’t have time for a...
Side tap your talentico-video-large

Side tap your talent

%CODE1%Side Step Tap/Bound:Tap: take a step to the left with left foot, and then bring toes of right foot over to tap next to the left foot. Immediately take a step back to the...
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Punching bag workout

%CODE1%Jab Punch: Begin with your elbows in and fists at chin height. To throw the jab simulataneously, push off with your back leg and twist your body on your lead leg side, rotating your...
Watch Chase's routineico-video-large

10-minute advanced workout

%CODE3%Ninja jumpFrom a kneeling position sitting on your heels, use your hips to explosively jump up into a bottom squat position, using an arm swing to help propel you up and slightly forward. Keep...
Kettle bell

Ask the trainer: How to start exercising

“How does a completely out-of-shape person begin to exercise regularly?”—Kylie, Russellville, Arkansas This is a common question. Many people who consider themselves out-of-shape have a difficult time getting started with exercise and sticking to...
A girl sitting on a yoga ball on the computer

Creative ways to break a sweat: Making fitness part of any activity

Finding time for fitness may be easier—and more fun—than you think.“It’s actually healthier to just get up and move as much as possible, instead of going to the gym for an hour and then...